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Terms of Service

§1. General rules

§1.1 Using this service means agreeing to the rules below.

§1.2 Not following the terms of use will result in denying access to the service or further procedures.

§1.3 Using the service is completely free of charge.

§2. Account, account information, safety and the game

§2.1 Usernames that are vulgar, racicst and/or offending are strictly prohibited.

§2.2 It is prohibited to use usernames that attempt to impersonate public personas, an administration member, or other institutions (other server advertisements etc.)

§2.3 It is prohibited to type in chat contents that might offend others, aswell as containing vulgarisms, racism, or contents that could damage social well being.

§2.4 Users of the service are obliged to contain their private account information in a safe place by themselves.

§2.5 Giving your account information to other users or third persons is prohibited. It is also forbidden to ask for somebody else’s account password.

§2.6 The user types their login and password only in spaces meant for that in the service. The administration never asks for a user’s password.

§2.7 The administration doesn’t take responsibility for loss/forgetting of password.

§2.8 Every user takes responsibility for their own account.

§2.9 Every user is responsible to give correct data during registration, that will be helpful during contacting the Administration.

§2.10 It is prohibited to sell accounts, in-game items or currency etc. for real money (including PSC etc.). Every attempt of account selling will result in blocking the account.

§2.11 User of the service is obliged to respond to messages from the administration when it’s performing administration actions.

§3. Modifications, cheats and bugs

§3.1 Modifying the game in any way without the administration’s agreement is prohibited.

§3.2 Using bots, scripts, keyboard simulators or other programs that automate or make the game easier is prohibited.

§3.3 Impersonating an administrator or other member of the server staff is strictly prohibited. Every attempt of doing so will result in account blocking.

§3.4 Every user of the service is obliged to inform the Administration about discovering a bug or a modification in game.
Using a bug or modification is prohibited and will result in account blocking.

§3.5 Any harmful actions towards the server will result in a permament account ban of the guilty person and any of his accomplices.

§4. Donations and premium functions

§4.1 Supporting the service is completely voluntary and isn’t obligatory to any user.

§4.2 In case of lack of a returning SMS or any other problems considering donation payments, it is advised to contact your payment operator.
The administration will make sure that the frequency of such problems appearing will be reduced to a minimum.

§4.4 In case of the service’s closure or account blocking, any gratuities are not returned.

§5. Support center

§5.1 Support is the main contact channel between the user and the Administration of the service.

§5.2 Every ticket regarding the Support should be written carefully and following the rules of netiquette. Tickets containing vulgarisms or other forbidden contents will be closed without answering.

§5.3 The administrator has the right to block the user’s ability to send tickets to the Support without warning if they break the Terms of Service.
When the user doesn’t follow the Administration’s directions and intentionally makes their work more difficult, the Administration has the right to block the user after informing and warning him.

§6. Events

§6.1 During special events organized by the service’s Administration, the leading person is the Game Master, who is selected by the service’s management team.

§6.2 The Event’s users are obligated to follow the instructions and orders from the Game Master. Not following them may result in being excluded from the event.

§6.3 The Event’s participants are obliged to follow the rules of social well being. All insults, threats and other actions going against the purpose of entertainment will be penalized by the Game Master or the Administration.

§6.4 Any objections considering Events should be sent via the Notification System or by contacting the Game Master.

§6.5 The Nostalgium Management reserves the right to evaluate the user’s importunity and the given punishment.

§7. The Administrator’s rights and duties

§7.1 The Administrator has the right to block or delete an account in case of it not following the Terms of Service or when deciding that the user works towards harming the service.

§7.2 The Administration takes care of well being and order.

§7.3 The Administration makes sure that all reported problems are solved.

§7.4 The Administration never asks for access to the account’s password.

§7.5 The Administration does not take responsibility for any actions resulting after not following the Terms of Service.

§7.6 The Administration reserves the right to respond to a user’s question in 30 working days.

§7.7 The Administratior informs the user of his activities if they go outside the detailed description of the Terms of Service.

§7.8 The Administration makes sure to provide a safe and non-problematic access to the service. In case of any external factors, the Administration reserves the right to delete accounts or their contents that had something to do with the procedure.

§8. General information

§8.1 The Administration may block or delete an account of the user based on the rules described in the Terms of Service.

§8.2 The Administrators are persons managing the service. The Administrators’ decisions are final.

§8.3 Any questions, complaints, and suggestions should be sent via the Notification System or be directed to the service’s Administrators.

§8.4 The service is property of the companies:

EvorSolutions Sp. z o.o., with headquarters in: ul. Ludwika Idzikowskiego 2D/31, 00-710 Warsaw
NIP: 5213837279

Tharel Software Damian Dąbkiewicz with headquarters in: ul. Feliksa Szlachtowskiego 2a/3, 30-132 Cracow
NIP: 9452221603

Contact us via [email protected]

All accounts and their contents are included. The user has the right to use them for entertainment purposes.

§9. Final provisions

§9.1 The Terms of Service contains rules, informations and duties that every user of the service should know and abide.

§9.2 The Administration reservers the right to change the Terms of Service at any time, after notifying the users.

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